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With the strength of our relationships with local financial professionals supported by our international partnerships, we have forged a true international presence that works effortlessly to provide solutions for our clients. Together, we are truly a global community.

At Alliance Financial Consultants, Inc. , we take immense pride in our local and international relationships. In Los Angeles, we have taken great strides in working with financial professionals in our community. Together, we have seen each other’s businesses grow and reach new heights. Our CPA Alliance with CPAs located in Southern California has allowed over a hundred accountants to network and develop business relationships that will last lifetimes.  By helping CPAs integrate financial solutions to their existing services, together we are able to reach a more diverse client base and to provide unmatched service to our existing clients.

Internationally, our partnerships with financial firms that share our same vision allow us to service clients in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, In addition, by working with some of the world’s largest banking institutions, we have an immense pool of resources and knowledge to draw from. To us, a business relationship is more than just business; it is a friendship and an openness that is devoid of stiff, corporate regulations. Our willingness to work together, to be resourceful yet mindful of our client’s needs is what makes AFC and our partners different from our competitors. Even though we are thousands of miles away, the strength of our collaboration has no equal.
To provide exceptional service in our global community.
Dedicate our talents and focus to serve our clients.
Upholding the very highest standards of due diligence.
To dream the impossible and to reach the unreachable.