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As an independent firm, Alliance Financial Consultants, Inc. believes in finding the right solution for every unique situation. Many firms only carry one or a few companies’ products. However, the lack of choices does not benefit the client. We do not believe in a “one insurance company fits all” mentality that these firms possess. Every problem is different, every individual is different; because of this, each solution should be custom tailored plan to achieve the client’s needs and goals. Whether it is for individual or business planning, strength and flexibility allows us to find the perfect solution in an imperfect world. AFC is your OneSolution.

There is a need among Asians in the US and in Asia for efficient tax and wealth planning, asset allocation and wealth transfer.  At AFC we are well positioned domestically and internationally to utilize our experience and our portfolio of products to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

AFC planning services include:
  1. Life insurance for Non Resident Alien
  2. Life insurance Premium Financing
  3. Pre Immigration Financial Planning
  4. Offshore Planning
  5. Offshore wealth preservation planning

Estate planning
  1. Estate Tax Analysis
  2. Irrevocable life insurance trusts
  3. Legal and tax issues in Estate Planning

Charitable Planning
  1. Charitable giving tax and legal issues

Business Planning
  1. Buy-Sell arrangements
  2. Split-dollar agreements
  3. Supplemental executive retirement planning
To provide exceptional service in our global community.
Dedicate our talents and focus to serve our clients.
Upholding the very highest standards of due diligence.
To dream the impossible and to reach the unreachable.