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Why should a non U.S. resident purchase a U.S. life insurance policy?

For many clients living in other countries, owning a life insurance policy based in U.S. dollars shelters their assets from potential economic and political instability. Faced with the uncertainty of future events, placing hard earned assets into U.S. dollars provides peace of mind knowing that those funds will be there when you need them.

The United Stated has the most regulated and safest life insurance industry in the world. U.S. life insurance policies are governed by U.S. laws, which ensure that benefits will be paid and that policies stay in force. Without this worry, you can focus on your life.

Product Design
The U.S. life insurance industry is the most advanced and offers the most sophisticated product features. U.S. life insurance company offer survivorship policies for estate planning and accelerated death benefit if you become terminally ill. In addition, many insurance companies in foreign countries can only offer at most $5 million in coverage. For many clients who have substantial wealth, this is just not enough. U.S. insurance companies can offer many times that amount of coverage. U.S. life insurance policies have the most cost effective premiums in the globe. The cost of insurance is drastically lower, offering you unmatched savings.

U.S. life insurance: safety, protection and sophisticated design.
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